Standards based coding is easy

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Standards based coding is easy

October 6th, 2006

Coding according to w3c standards is a major selling point for website designers these days. But how hard is it really? Consider some of the differences between valid XHTML transitional and the usual sloppy HTML coding:

  • All tags in XHTML are written in simple letters. So no more <P> or <BODY> but <p> or <body>. Saves typing really.
  • All tags are closed even ones that you wouldn’t close in HTML. For example: <br /> .
  • img tags need to specify alternate text like <img src=”gg.gif” alt=”somting” /> .Note also the self closing of the img tag.

These are just some of the simple changes you have to make to get your site to validate. So in essence its not really a lot of work!

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