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Firefox Website Design Extensions

August 15th, 2006

Like most website designers I am addicted to Mozilla Firefox. I have been using this browser since its 0.8 release version. I was first exposed to it when I switched to using Linux as my primary OS for a short while. In those days firefox was known as Firebird. But you really can’t beat its feature set now.

One of the great things about Firefox is that it can be extended with extensions. These extensions add functionality to the browser. In this post I will examine a few of the Firefox extensions that aid website design.

Web developer toolbar

The web developer toolbar is a really great firefox extension that presents the budding developer with a number of tools. Using this toolbar you can easily view a page’s CSS as well as a  graphical outline of divs and other code blocks. You can also selectively disable images, css, javascript and cookies. One of the best features is the ability to clear the cache and or session cookies. You can even clear cookies related to a particular domain. And if your concerned about standards based coding then you can validate your markup and stylesheet straight from the toolbar! You can even view W3C specs on XHTML and CSS code. And yes this toolbar does have even more features. Download it here.

XHTML Validator

Another useful firefox extension is the HTML validator. This is an independent validator that does not require the user to be online. It validates webpages locally. It displays an icon in the status bar each time you visit a webpage. The icon changes colour depending on whether the webpage validates, validates with warnings or fails validation. It can also correct the errors on the page! You can get this extension here.

IE tab

In a perfect world there would be one bug free browser that was used by everyone. Unfortunately that is not the case. While most web designers use firefox or another modern browser like opera, most Internet users continue to use Internet Explorer. So as a website designer it is important that you test your website in IE. The easiest way to do this is by using the IE tab extension. This extension allows you to view webpages in IE from right inside a firefox tab! You can download it here.

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