Key features of a good website navigation system

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Key features of a good website navigation system

December 2nd, 2006

Website useability is an important consideration in any website design. Websites are designed to be viewed by many different people and it is important that designers allow for different needs. A website navigation system must allow for easy and intuitive navigation between the different sections of a site. Some of the key features of any website navigation system are given below:

  • The user is always aware of which page he is viewing. Users can get confused about which page they are viewing so it is important that you provide visual clues indicating the current page. The navigation entry for the current page could be coloured differently or grayed out.
  • Good navigation systems give users the full range of pages they can visit. It may be necessary to group pages into categories in larger websites.
  • Make use of the “visited” anchor tag pseudo class to clearly indicate to the user which pages he has visited. In some cases a breadcrumb trail is provided so that the user is aware of which pages he has already seen.

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